Hi little humans!

Name is Alan Euclide, but in the multiverse people just call me "The Weirdo".

*Dimensional travels can drive you crazy*.

(The Dimensional traveler of Gravity Falls)


Alan’s return. ~

The reality is probably weirder than We can even conceive. Is easy to get lost, i mean literally and metaphorically talking. And in a multiverse of probabilities, portals and strange situations get lost is almost a rule.
Alan was used to loose the way, He had no home to go back so he never thought about it he just keep moving with the idea that eventually, no matter how much time it takes, he should return. Besides, he has his special nose, he’ll never be completely lost while he can feel the scent of something known.
And knowing that the lowest levels of the multiverse still a mystery, an absolutely unexplored void where no god show themself yet. He didn’t take too much before created a portal and leave.

The months pass and Alan start to loose hope on find earth again, on some point of the travel he can’t feel the scent of the third dimension anymore. A deep void, some kind of force turn the deep universes incapable to interact with each other as they usually do, unique and individual universes with no alternate realities, where when someone dies there is no escape, or probability, everything just sease to exist.

Death never was meaningful to the dimensional traveler, himself can’t die, and living in a multiverse no matter how many of their friends die He always can find them again on other realities or cyclic universes where he just must wait. They all will born again, eventually. He just can’t stand that creatures has to disappear - everything is too special to let that happen- So He stay on that levels trying to find the way to fix those ancient and dark universes. Letting the ages pass on his back seeing empires rise and fall to the extinction finding allies, friends, loves and seeing them disappear, growing wiser and powerful, guiding races as their god with the only idea of find the final solution, and after a long time, he made it helped by all the races he protected he takes all those realities out of darkness.
Thousand years of peace followed that day before the pulse.

Alan leave and let the empires grow without his help, he just want to rest, feeling a little empty to the fact that he has nothing to do just close his eyes and meditate on some cold corner of those realities, when a pulse, a loud sound reaches him followed by a sence he thought he’d never be capable to feel again.

- Is that? - he wondered opening a vortex and following this pulse throught the dense fog of multiverse. The vortex opened on the middle of somewhere but it was to dark to say when a bright light covered the sky.

-Can’t be… Gravity Falls! I-i’m back! “